Lionel Fox Relay – race day 07 May 2022

Proposed Teams

Our XC season continues with a second relay race

The Lionel Fox Relay is a 4 person team relay on a 2km course that offers a wide variety of terrain that is sheltered from strong winds starting from flat grass to sandy dunes to winding woodland paths, and some beach. Seniors will complete 2 laps each (4km) and it will be a single lap for our under 18 runners. Event information can be found here

Proposed Teams

Senior Men: Mark Adams, George Hedley, Paul Timothy, Jake Robertson

Masters Women: Jessica Campbell, Louise Martin, Iona Powell, Robyn Perkins

Mixed Masters: Mark Johnston; Bruce Steven; Jan Harrison; Annette Campbell

Under 18 Team 1: Abigail Scott-Douglas, Lucy Wheeler, Jade Majendie, Emily Watt

Under 18 Team 2: Florence McCormack, Abigail Junge, Bridie McCormack, Neve Majendie

Seniors start at 12.35pm; Under 18’s start at 2.35pm.

Please note that no dogs are not allowed at this event.

Good luck and go well!

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