Sumner Running Club

Christchurch’s only adventure focused Running Club.

Club Registrations

This page has information about registering with the Sumner Running Club.

Winter and Cross Country Registrations

Registrations are done Online using a credit/debit card
Start by going to the Online Registration Page.
If you have been a previous member of any club (including Sumner Running Club) in New Zealand you will already have a password for the registration process. Click “Login” (left side of page) and renew your membership. The registration system this year uses your email address and password for access.
If you have forgotten your password, you can find it from the site by clicking “login” and then clicking “Forgot Password?” A link to reset your password will be sent to your email address.
If you haven’t been a member of any club in New Zealand then just click on ‘New Registration’ and register as a new member.

If you are a new member transferring to Sumner from another New Zealand club, do not register online. Please contact the club via and we will complete a transfer request.

If you have any issues with the registration page or using a credit/debit card for registrations please contact us at to request assistance.

Club Fees for Winter Cross Country
For the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

  • 23 & over – Masters/Seniors – $140.00
  • 20-22 – Senior – $90.00
  • Youth (18-19 years inclusive) – $90.00
  • Youth (15-17 years inclusive) – $90.00
  • Children (7 to 14) – $60.00
  • Children (6 and under) – $28.00
  • Social Members(15yrs and over) – $45.00

If you are a full time student, over 22 years old, please complete the online registration and then contact a member of the committee, will refund a portion of the club element of the fee.

If you are registering 3 or more members of an immediate family, you should complete the online registration and we will rebate you 10% of the fee!

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