Sumner Running Club

Christchurch’s only adventure focused Running Club.


Patricia Boland

Dave Fitch,  022 163 9200

Katherine Fitch,  027 955 3479

Lockie Campbell,  027 657 1010

Club bank account: 03 1590 0003619 00

Race Secretary
Lockie Campbell,  027 657 1010

Junior Coaches
Ann Wells,  022 376 6180,  376 6180

Marty Lukes, 027 458 6798 

Men’s Club Captain
Dave Fitch,  022 163 9200

Women’s Club Captain
Katherine Fitch,  027 955 3479

Katherine Fitch,  027 955 3479

Lockie Campbell,  027 657 1010

Al Cory-Wright, Marty LukesSimon Wooding, David Fitch, Katherine FitchJennie Nicholson, Lockie Campbell, Lisa Smailes


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