Sumner Running Club

Christchurch’s only adventure focused Running Club.


Pat competing at the 2009 National Cross Country Championships

Sumner Women

Sumner Women

In accordance with Athletics New Zealand, grades are determined according to an athlete’s age as at 31 December each year:

  • Yearly Grades for both males and females up to the age of 19 (eg B13 – Boys 13, B14 – Boys 13 etc)
  • Senior Men and Women – age 20 to 34 years
  • Masters Men and Women – age 35 onwards (generally in 10 year age grades, eg M40-49)


Many of our members are families and the juniors are a group who regularly train and compete in cross country races, road races, team relays and athletics.

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment for your children to develop their running potential. We have a philosophy that rests on individual improvement and diversity of experience. While we are keen to encourage those that perform highly, we also have a focus on participation and improvement of individual “personal bests”.

Ed striding out at the 2009 Inter-Regional Cross Country Championships


Training for the juniors will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm from Ferrymead Park. Later in the season as daylight hours demand, training will begin at 4.30pm. All ages 7 years and up are welcome.

Weekend runs (usually Sunday) will be held at different venues around the city and will be advertised as they can be fitted into the calendar. Along with this are the three runs which make up the Club’ s JT Series. Excellent runs with different formats which usually has the smartest runner coming out on top!

Parents are encouraged to accompany the groups on their runs. It’s a great way to improve your own fitness and get a good understanding of the aims of our training.

A group of adults also train at Hansens Park each Wednesday evening (from 5.30pm) (speedwork), and some adults and older juniors participate in a 1.5-2 hour long run from the Sign of the Takahe each Sunday (at 8am).

The team selectors (see below) can also advise when other training runs occur for those individuals interested.

Saturday Competition

The winter season runs from April to October. All registered athletes will receive a programme outlining event times and locations. All athletes are required to pre-enter a race and will need to advise the selectors if they wish to run prior to the entry dates (these are also in the race book). Athletes are required to wear Sumner Club Uniform and their registration number when competing.

Coach and Team Co-ordinators

All the following people are volunteers, and your support of them on training nights and Saturdays is appreciated.  If you’re interested in joining our friendly and supportive club, the appropriate co-ordinator would love to hear from you.

Winter Points

The Winter Points Series is a relatively new initiative (commenced in 2009, however not widely advertised).  At the end of the 2011 winter season, Sumner finished third overall.

Ten events of the Canterbury Winter Season are used to determine the Club of the Year.  Here’s how it works:

  • Clubs are ranked at each event based on the four best age grade placings they achieve. This produces a “Club of the Day”.  At the Hagely Relays, our best four placings were 1st (15/16 boys), 1st (15/16 girls), 2nd (Masters Men) and 3rd (Senior Men). This placed us 3rd club behind University and Christchurch Avon (both of whom had four first placings).
  • The winning club at each event is awarded 20 points. 2nd club 18 points, 3rd club 16 points, then 14, 12, 10, 8 etc.
  • The total of these event points show which club is leading at any stage throughout the season, and the total of all ten events will determine the ‘Club of the Year’.

The current standings will be updated on a weekly basis as a news item, as well as updated here.

12 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Hi there, I am interested in joining a running group… I am not sure what is involved… I am not a fast runner but would love to become part of a group to get better at what I am doing…. Am I in the right place….? I live in Morgans valley in heathcote so am pretty local…

  2. Hi Anna. Your query has been referred to Karen who looks after our Senior Women’s grade. Karen will be able to answer any queries you might have. Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Hi
    Myself and my girlfriend Laura and just moved to Christchurch and are looking for a running club.

    Sumner sounds perfect!!

    We are 10k runners who run at 37mins and 46mins. Can you please tell us which days and times you train and if it’s OK for us to pop along on a suitable day?

    We are from the UK and travelling around NZ, so we’ll be in Christchurch for 3-4 months and therefore would love a running club to train with to improve.

    This morning we did the Sumner 10k and will be doing the 10k at Hagley Park in Sept also.

    Hope you can help!

    Many thanks

  4. Hi David

    Given your ages then you are in the senior grades so I will get Marty Lukes, the senior coordinator to contact you re training times. Sounds as though you would enjoy the Sunday morning runs from the Sign of the Takahe.

    Great to hear from you – Annette (club secretary)

  5. Hello, I am wishing to join this running club. I have previously run 21km and was fairly fit.. now I battle with a 10km! Please can you tell me about joining fees and how I join. Thank you.

  6. Hi Vanessa. The winter running season is all but wrapping up now (cross country and road events), and we are about to head into the summer athletics season (track and field). The winter season kicks off again in or around March 2011. Let us know whether you fall into the Senior Women (up to 35 years) or Masters Women grade, so we can point you to the right co-ordinator for the club who can give you a little more information about what it all entails.

    Cheers, Rachel (web admin)

  7. Hi Rachel, Thank you for the reply. I am 34 years old. I am looking for a casual running club, as I am wanting to get back into running slowly as I am currently unfit.
    Thanks for your help. Vanessa.

  8. hi, i’m a 30 years old male runner who would class myself as above average and would like to meet and train with competive runners. I mostsly enjoy off road/trail running but either suites.. currently live in st albans. what do i need to do to join and can anyone turn up at the sign of the takahe or do you have to be a memeber?

  9. Hi David, thanks for your message. We’ll have all the joining information up within the next few days for the coming winter season, so keep an eye out. With regard to the runs from the Takahe, this is a pretty informal group made up mostly of members, but anyone can join in. If you’re interested, we can try to put you in contact with someone who is likely to be there. Coming along to our Open Day early April may be a good place to start in order to get to know who we all are. Cheers, Rachel.

  10. Thank you for sharing this endearing experience. Your Mom was so fortunate to watch your pieces develop and enjoy every step of the way with you. I bet she was a wonderful coach and fan! The special feelings of love and more do live on in you and those around you are recipients of your heart. Thank you too for sharing your heart in every piece you make.

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