Takahe to Akaroa

Check in with your team captains to make sure you understand the logistics for the day. Leg 1 runners note the start is now from the Sign of the Takahe. Good luck to all teams.


LegMasters MenSenior MenMasters MixedWomen MW50
1Dayle McLauchlanKevin GrimwoodJen NicholsonRachael Keepa
2Vajin Armstrong (c)Auren ClarkeLisa SmailesIona Powell
3Danny CarmineSimon WoodingSiobhan PalmerRobyn Perkins
4Shaun McWhirterSam TolraBruce StevenAnnette Campbell (c)
5James RedmondAl Cory-WrightHelen Bealey (c)Dee McCarthy
6Tane CambridgeJarrod Cook (c)Katherine FitchJan Harrison
7Dallas WichmanAlex CowdenRachel Cottam
8David FitchGeorge HedleyMarty Lukes

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