Governor’s Bay to Lyttelton

The popular Governor’s Bay to Lyttelton Road Race will take place again this year under level 2 conditions. Please check the race website to get the most up to date information. It will be wise to check this again on Friday 17th Sept to confirm your start time and conditions that apply to your wave.

Entries have to be in this week as the handicappers have a huge job grading everyone according to their estimated 10k time combined with what race results this year tell them your form really is :-). Please enter your realistic 10k time in mm:ss format to help calculations eg. 29:15, 45:00, 62:45.

While you are on the website don’t forget to enter the Takahe to Akaroa relay and email Lockie at if you can no longer run the Canterbury Road Champs this coming Saturday 11th Sept.

Entry deadline has been extended but is absolutely final. You miss it – don’t ask! :-)

Entries Close Sunday 12 Sept 4:00pm

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