RACE CALL – Lionel Fox Relays

SRC Teams

Next up on the XC Race Calendar, the Lionel Fox Relays.

This event is in Rangiora, offers a wide variety of terrain and is considered a true XC trail run.

The Senior and Masters women’s and men’s event is a 4 x 5k circuit starting at 12.35pm.

Our under 18’s event is a 4 x 2.5km circuit starting at 2.35pm.


MW – Karren Muller / Robyn Perkins / Fiona Gilroy / Jessica Campbell

SM – Jarrod Cook / Martin Durney / Sam Toira / Marty Lukes

MM (Mixed) – Mark Ophuis / Helen Bealey / Louise Martin / Nathan Wooding

U16 Girls – – Jade / Emily / Millie / Abi S-D

U18 Boys (mixed) Abigail J / Emme W / Neve / Mac

U18 Boys – Alex / Monty / Charlie / Harri

Have fun and go well out there! Any questions can be sent to sumnerrunningclub@gmail.com in the first instance

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