Christmas Handicap

Remember this from 2020? Well Dave Fitch had such a ball disqualifying everyone last year he wants to do it again. A 5k handicap race based on your predicted time. If you are more than 3.25% quicker than you say, don’t expect to be on the podium. That’s the qualifying limit to have a counting time. (For those who need some easier maths, it’s about 2 seconds per minute).

When: Tuesday 21st December

Time: first starts 5:40pm

Where: Hagley Park (same course as the 5k series)

This event is open to all club members, whanau, and friends. Afterwards we will be heading to Volstead on Riccarton Rd for some refreshments – just a short walk from the park.

Entries need to be in by 7:30pm Monday 20th December.

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