Show your Bias

In order to get the season underway in the right way, the Sumner Running Club committee has organised a pre-season warm-up activity to improve your flexibility, concentration, and ability to take a gap. And of course, show your bias.

On Tuesday 5th April you’ll get to try out an hour of lawn bowls before our brief annual AGM. We’ll put on the bowls and some tuition at 6:00pm at the Redcliffs Bowling Club, 9 James St, Redcliffs. The bar will be open so you will be able to keep hydrated while doing those reps on the green and we will provide some nibbles to keep your nutrition levels right.

At 7:30pm we will hold our Annual General Meeting. This is an important requirement for all registered clubs and where we set fees for the season, elect new officers, review the previous year in performance and financial terms, and discuss any concerns club members may have. It is always good for club members to know how their club is going, and it lets the committee know members are engaged and their needs are being met. I seriously urge you to put aside a couple of hours that night to have a bowl and support your club by attending the AGM.

You can support your club even more by contacting one of the current committee members if you are interested in helping out on the committee. While there are some set roles you might feel are your thing there is also a need for those happy to try their hand at whatever comes up. It is always good to have fresh ideas come on to the committee and more hands share the work.

When: Tuesday 5th April

Where: Redcliffs Bowling Club

Time: 6:00 – 8:30pm

Sign up below so we can cater for the bowls and food. You don’t have to do the bowls but we would still like you to indicate if you are coming to the AGM so please sign up as well.

Interclub Relays!

Athletics Canterbury are running a special ‘Relays’ meet on Saturday 18th December. There are 3 different relay events and you can choose to run in as many as you like. Given most of our senior members are cross country runners this is a great chance to experience track running in a fun environment.

  • The Race options are:
    • 4 x 100m
    • 4 x 400m
    • Medley (2 x 200m, 400m, 800m in any order!)

The club is keen to enter teams so if you sign up below you’ll be running with other members of the club. The proposed programme for the day is here. You can even stick round for a steeplechase. Sumner will cover entry fees for the day. Entries due by 1:00pm Thursday 16 December.

Saturday 18th December

9:30am – 1:00pm

Nga Puna Wai

Christmas Handicap

Remember this from 2020? Well Dave Fitch had such a ball disqualifying everyone last year he wants to do it again. A 5k handicap race based on your predicted time. If you are more than 3.25% quicker than you say, don’t expect to be on the podium. That’s the qualifying limit to have a counting time. (For those who need some easier maths, it’s about 2 seconds per minute).

When: Tuesday 21st December

Time: first starts 5:40pm

Where: Hagley Park (same course as the 5k series)

This event is open to all club members, whanau, and friends. Afterwards we will be heading to Volstead on Riccarton Rd for some refreshments – just a short walk from the park.

Entries need to be in by 7:30pm Monday 20th December.

Prize-giving Dinner

Time to reflect on the achievements of the year both on and off the race course. It has been another great year of results as individuals and as teams culminating in victory for our Masters Men and Masters Women 50+ in the Takahe to Akaroa Road Relay.

Sumner finished runner up in the Club of the Year competition in 2021, which indicates how well our runners did given it isn’t a focus for the club but a bi-product of members wanting to get out there and run. El Presidente Dave Fitch will give us a rundown on those results, probably without the accompaniment of a heavy metal band this year – mind you Carmine might turn up with a guitar…Come along for a relaxed catch-up with your fellow club members. Members get a $10 subsidy on their meal. Partners welcome.

Click on this menu link to choose your meal then sign up using the button below.

Port Hills U/18

Good news for our junior runners – the Port Hills Under 18 races have been re-scheduled and will take place on Saturday 9th October. This will be your last race for the cross-country season and a great opportunity to measure your progress from the start of the season. Races start at 2:00pm but it is a good idea to check the race website in the days leading up to the race in case there are any late changes. The information about the race can be found here.

Entries close Monday 4th October 5:00pm

A Flurry of Races

With the lifting of level 3 restrictions and the re-organising of the race calendar there are a number of items to attend to in a short space of time.

  1. If you have entered the Canterbury Road Champs but now cannot run please contact Lockie on ( so that he can remove you from the entry list. Scroll down the club webpage and check the entry list if you are unsure. The organizers need to know who is running so they can time races to fit the level 2 conditions so please take action by Wednesday 4:00pm if this applies to you.
  2. The Governors Bay to Lyttelton road race is on, under level 2 restrictions. Entries for this need to be in by Friday evening so scroll to the post on the club website and put in your entry if you wish to run this race. The exact arrangements for this race have not been finalised so check the race website next week for details.
  3. The Takahe to Akaroa Road Relay will go ahead under level 2 so we are still taking entries for this event. Again scroll down our website to the appropriate spot to enter this race.

The Cross Country & Road committee have worked really hard to keep as many races as possible on the calendar. There is a huge amount of work going on in the background to meet all level 2 requirements so that the races can be run safely.

Truly we are very lucky to have this group in charge of our sport. If you get the chance over the next few weeks please let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

The Port Hills Under 18 race may still go ahead on a new date so keep an eye out for entry details.

The athletics season is also not far away and the children’s registration forms will be on the website shortly. Remember, if you registered for the cross country season this year choose the upgrade option as you have already paid your Athletics NZ fees.

Governor’s Bay to Lyttelton

The popular Governor’s Bay to Lyttelton Road Race will take place again this year under level 2 conditions. Please check the race website to get the most up to date information. It will be wise to check this again on Friday 17th Sept to confirm your start time and conditions that apply to your wave.

Entries have to be in this week as the handicappers have a huge job grading everyone according to their estimated 10k time combined with what race results this year tell them your form really is :-). Please enter your realistic 10k time in mm:ss format to help calculations eg. 29:15, 45:00, 62:45.

While you are on the website don’t forget to enter the Takahe to Akaroa relay and email Lockie at if you can no longer run the Canterbury Road Champs this coming Saturday 11th Sept.

Entry deadline has been extended but is absolutely final. You miss it – don’t ask! :-)

Entries Close Sunday 12 Sept 4:00pm

Takahe to Akaroa

Check in with your team captains to make sure you understand the logistics for the day. Leg 1 runners note the start is now from the Sign of the Takahe. Good luck to all teams.


LegMasters MenSenior MenMasters MixedWomen MW50
1Dayle McLauchlanKevin GrimwoodJen NicholsonRachael Keepa
2Vajin Armstrong (c)Auren ClarkeLisa SmailesIona Powell
3Danny CarmineSimon WoodingSiobhan PalmerRobyn Perkins
4Shaun McWhirterSam TolraBruce StevenAnnette Campbell (c)
5James RedmondAl Cory-WrightHelen Bealey (c)Dee McCarthy
6Tane CambridgeJarrod Cook (c)Katherine FitchJan Harrison
7Dallas WichmanAlex CowdenRachel Cottam
8David FitchGeorge HedleyMarty Lukes

Canterbury Road Champs

The next event on the calendar is the Canterbury Road Champs. For some it is a perfect course, easy to tick off your progress, others find that the U-turns at the end of each straight interupts their flow. Whichever matches you, you’ll get to experience it again on the 21st August at the traditional Landfill Road site. All information about the race can be found here and like the Cross Country champs, nomination forms for the Canterbury team to compete at the NZ Championships need to be filled out and handed in on the day. Last week we had 7 representatives in the Canterbury team at the National Cross Country in Dunedin – will we top that for the road champs?

Entries close Wednesday 8 September 4pm

Lakeside Relays

A quick turnaround for race sign up. Entries for the Lakeside Relay are due next Monday but as the teams have to be organised by the selectors names need to be in by Sunday night. 4 person teams with the Under 16 teams running 1 lap of 2.5km and Adult teams running 2 laps for 5km. The course at Roto Kohatu is a good cross over to the road races with a fast hard packed gravel surface. Check out details of the race here. Adult teams start at 12:30pm and Under 16 at 2:30pm.

Team Lists

Team Mo’ungaLuke JansenAngus SharpeFinlay SharpeMac Smith
Team JordanJuliet FreemanKate SharpeMillie JungeMiriam Lemon
Team HaviliCaleb JansenJade MajendieAbigail Scott DouglasAbigail Junge
Team BarrettEmily WattWill Stapleton CoffeyBridie McCormickNicola Shoeman
Team BridgeLizzie Stapleton CoffeyEli DimblebyFlorence McCormickAmelie Clark
ReserveHannah Grimwood
MW LongnamesRobyn PerkinsHelen BealeyAnnette CampbellChristina Freeman
MW ShortnamesIona PowellBee RuderLisa SmailesJan Harrison
The MastersNathan JonesDavid FitchPaul TimothyKevin Grimwood
The SeniorsJarrod CookMarty LukesBruce StevenSam Tolra