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For more events, please visit and The full Athletics Canterbury 2014 winter calendar is here

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Report and Photos from the Canterbury Cross Country Championships, Halswell, 19th July

The cold conditions didn’t really bother the runners at Halswell Quarry on Saturday but there was no getting away from the mud – slippery, sloshy stuff, lots of it. I reckon there was a collective groan from washing machines of cross country runners on Saturday night.
Graham Batchelor ( 1st M65) enjoyed the mud so much he even started an extra lap before a change of mind after 100m and slipped under the tape to get to the finish.
It was wonderful to have Pat Bolland joining us on the start line of the Master Womens race, but unfortunately the mud got the better of her on the chicane leading into the narrow bush lined track and she had to withdraw with an ankle injury – hope it heals soon Pat.
With Oliver Batchelor still suffering the effects of an impromptu 40km run over the Port Hills, our sole senior man, Simon Wooding, must get a special mention for surviving 6 laps, 12Km of pure hard work. Ed Jones had to pull over for three minutes due to cramp but admirably re-joined the race to complete the job.
Blake Theobald started the day’s racing with a convincing win. Taking the lead confidently at the start he powered round the course unchallenged. Karen Muller(MW), continuing her good form, won with an amazing two minute lead over old rival Fiona Gilroy, Port Hills. It was lovely to have the Faheys having the opportunity to run and Jess deserved to be proud of her great 3rd place in the Youth Women. Meg Fahey was concentrating so much on her footwork she totally confused the finishing marshals by running up the wrong chute!
I very much enjoyed the close sprint finishes of Max (B14) and Mike Laird (MM), both winning the last minute challenges. Goes to show there is nothing to lose in trying! Well done guys.
Several age groups ran together on the day, so it was hard to tell who came where till the final results revealed some great age group performances.

by Chris Hunter


U8 Girls Benita Clark 11th
9 Boys Aaron Clark 4th
10 Girls Millie Edmond 5th
Ella Ballantyne 8th
10 Boys Blake Theobald 1st
Sam Clark 4th
11 Girls Beth Hunter 3rd
11 Boys John Wells 2nd
Emilio Kennedy 8th
Regan Jones 12th
12 Boys Jack Forrest 4th
13 Girls Abby Theobald 4th
14 Boys Max McLachlan 7th
Youth Women Jess Fahey 3rd
Meg Fahey 11th
Jess Fitch 15th
Senior Women Lara prince 5th
MW40 Rachel Clark 4th
MW45 Chris Rowe 3rd
MW50 Ann Wells 4th
Senior Men Simon Wooding 12th
MM35 Dave Fitch 1st
Mike Laird 3rd
MM40 Ed Jones 6th
MM50 John Fitch 10th
MM65 Graham Batchelor 1st

Photos by Bee








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JT 2 Report by John Wells

It was a beautiful day running in the trees with runners lined up at the start facing in all kinds of directions. As we set off running round the tracks we were trying to find arrows to lead us around the loops. Occasionally you would pass another runner running in the other direction. We all finished around the same time with 1minute and 10 seconds to go apart from Marisol who went for an extra lap around loop 4 – we were all cheering her on as she came down to the last 100metres with 15 seconds to go. She just made it with no time left. Overall, it was a fun and great afternoon running around in the trees but what was even better was that I finally managed to beat Marisol, our reigning champion for the last two years and current joint leader of this year’s series.

John Wells






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JT Series – Part 2 – this Saturday 12th July

Saturday 12th July, 3pm,

Venue: Meet by the Visitors Centre, Main car park, Bottle Lake.

What’s happening: A Cory-Wright loop run, handicapped, lots of fun.

Bring family and friends, open to all.

Drinks, cookies and a chat afterwards. ☺

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Kennet Cup report by Sam Clark and family

We arrived at the South Island XCountry Kennett Cup 2014 feeling very tired after 2 weeks of school production rehearsals and finally the actual production this week and very late nights, as well as recovering from a few injury niggles and illnesses. Could our school dances to ,’What does the Fox Say’, ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous,’ and ‘YMCA’ help us with the one question on every runners mind-How to get over those 2 hurdles the quickest and best way to finish the race!

Not sure the Fox could answer this, or even being ridiculous and the actions to YMCA, but every runner was seen practising their own unique style before their race ,or perhaps as my mum decided , to take the easy yet longer route and run around them!!!

It was a cool ,yet sunny day , and the course was very ‘comfortable’ under foot compared to the other races this year. The resistance training on the back of the course proved to be the extra hurdle. The wind was very fresh and against you when you are beginning to feel tired, so required that extra strength to keep going to the end. Well done to the adults who had to do it several times including the hurdles.

Blake Theobald showed his strength throughout the race and looked very comfortable finishing first in the boys age 10 and so did Karen Muller finishing first in the masters women 45 and MW overall. David Fitch finished an excellent first in men 35 as did Graham Batchelor in men 65 also.
Other top placings were Sofia Kennedy 3rd Girls 14, John Wells 3rd boys 11 and Sam Clark 3rd boys 10.
Chris Rowe 3rd MW45 and overall MW, Ann Wells 3rd MW50 and Rachel Clark 3rd MW40

There were a few very close to the top three also.
Aaron Clark 4th boys 9
Millie Edmond 5th girls 10
Beth Hunter 5th girls 11

Abby Theobald 5th girls 13
Tane Cambridge 5th senior men
John Fitch 5th men50
John Fitch 5th Masters men 50

Other Sumner runners showed their great talent over the hurdles and in the wind not far behind.

6th Lara Prince senior women
6th Will Richardson junior men
6th Michael Laird M35
7th Emilio Kennedy boys 11
7th Ella Ballantyne girls 10
8th Nick Smith youth men
8th Millie George girls 11
9th Maxwell McLachlan boys 14
9th Archie George boys 8 and under
9th Marisol Hunter girls 14
10th Simon Wooding senior men
12th Regan Jones boys 11
13th Benita Clark girls 8 and under
13th Jessica Fitch youth women

There were also a few team placings too.

2nd Girls 14 Sofia and Marisol
2nd Open Men Tane, David, Simon and John
2nd MW and 5th open Karen, Chris, Rachel and Ann

Hopefully this family will be better prepared for the next race at Halswell for the Canterbury Champs July 19th. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
As for what the Fox would say to these results, ‘Awesome!’ Go Sumner Running Club.

Sam Clark and family




Ann Wells

Ann Wells



Blake Sam S I Champs




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Primary vs. Intermediates Cross Country Race Report

In true cross country conditions including icy winds straight from Antarctica, the Yr7/8 Primary vs. Intermediate Cross Country Races were held yesterday. Moved from Halswell Quarry because of poor ground conditions, Roto Kohatu Reserve at Harewood provided a tough but honest cross country course for the 160 competitors.

Following a 1km circuit, all year groups ran 3 laps over the man-made hills, muddy ditches and water-logged flats. Congratulations to all the Sumner Athletes who raced with true determination; Beth Hunter (6th), Abby Theobald (7th), Jack Forrest (6th), Jack Rule (5th) and John Wells (11th).

A top ten place meant selection in the Primary Sports Canterbury Cross Country Team for four of our Yr7/8 club members (Beth, Abby, Jack F and Jack R). The team now trains together once a week, for 10 weeks to prepare for the 2014 Inter Regional Cross Country (IRXC) in Hanmer Springs on 25 September.

John Wells and Blake Theobald (who narrowly missed selection) will run as independent athletes and previously selected, Emilio Kennedy (Yr6) will also get time off school to run in Hanmer.

An invitation is extended to any Yr5-8 student, to enter as an independent. This year, being the 10th anniversary of the event, there are also medals for all finishers and a past competitors race. Details at

Karen Theobald









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Entries open – Canterbury Cross Country Champs, 19th July

Please fill out the entry form and click the Submit button.

Note: the club pays for the entry fee.
Online entries required to be submitted by club members by Sunady,13th July 6pm.

Entries to date:


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Phoenix Maryland Relays Report by Millie George

Saturday 28th June found 23 Sumner juniors at the Canterbury Agricultural park for the Phoenix Maryland Relays. 1.5km for under 12’s (1 lap) and 3km for 13 and above (2 laps).
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon with just a slight dusting of clouds, and for once there was no mud! Perfect weather for cross country!
The course was a fairly flat loop through beautiful parkland with the odd hay bale obstacle to jump over on the way!
The club entered 5 mixed teams and one boy’s team – all organised by relay supremo Ann Wells, who had of course named the teams as well. The teams and their results were:
• Mixed 9/10 The Super Sonics – 1st place
• Mixed 9/10 The 3ABS – 3rd place
• Boys 11/12 The Lads – 3rd place
• Mixed 11/12 The Young Guns – 1st place
• Mixed 13/14 The High School Hounds – 1st place
• Mixed 15/16/17 The flying 15’s – 1st place

The under 8’s & the 9/10’s were off first, we had two teams in the race. Aaron Clarke was a great wee runner, older brother Sam was injured so Aaron ran a leg in both of the races (with a quick change of number and timing chip in between) to make up a total of 3k in less than 30 minutes – what a star! Both teams won a ribbon coming in 1st and 3rd place in the mixed group.
The second race saw a successful return of Ronan Bigelow to cross country after suffering from shevers – his team (mixed 11/12) won 1st place.
In the final race of the day the Egan boys (Oliver and Isaac) both running the final legs ended up chasing each other home with both teams winning 1st place in their age group – what an amazing result I bet the boys and rest of their teams were stoked.
The Maryland Relays was a great event that everyone enjoyed – with several Sumner runners winning spot prizes
All in all a superb afternoon and fantastic result for the club – how brilliant, everyone from Sumner went home with a Ribbon, well done!
Millie George
Mixed 11/12 Team
Reporting for Sumner news



Blake - rugby, racing & (ginger) beer!

Blake – rugby, racing & (ginger) beer!

What was that - Millie G & Beth

What was that – Millie G & Beth

Alice Egan - 3ABs mixed relay team

Alice Egan – 3ABs mixed relay team



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