One of the iconic races on the Canterbury racing calendar.  It has great views, some testing little climbs but a fast second half of the race. The handicappers get it right most years with the field coming together over the last few kilometres for an exciting mass finish.  Organised by our neighbouring club Methodist, it’s a must do and all runners get to go home with a flower from the Baxter boys.  If you’re at the pointy end of the field you may even get a whole bunch.

A number of Sumner runners have won this race in the past, and usually not the fast ones, so be prepared if you happen to be at the front!  Everyone has a chance for a win, but your bonus is you get to enjoy a beautiful run once (if) the wippets have caught you.

You need to supply your current estimated 10k time for a flat course – it was good to see the honesty of our runners for Lakeside Relay (most of us were slower than our estimated times!).  You must be over 16 to enter this race.

Ride shares happen from Lyttelton and if you tick the box below we can sort out cars according to start times.  This will have to be done closer to the time once handicaps have come out.

When: Saturday 17th August

Where: Governors Bay (park at Lyttelton)

Start time: from 9:30am

I suggest those who wish to car pool meet in Lyttelton at 8:45am. Parking is by the rugby field.

Possible lift arrangement – drivers in red.

Lockie, Annette, Trevor, Bee, Isabella

Helen, Josie

Lisa S, Jan, Iona, Katherine

David F, Blair, Evan, David W, Lisa B

Getting a coffee in Lyttelton after the race can be quite difficult.  There is a cafe in Heathcote Valley (Craftroom Cafe 66 Port Hills Rd) we could try instead.