The first “road” event of the year is on packed trail rather than tarmac and is a return to 4 person relays.  Those under 16 run 1 lap of 2.5km while those in the senior teams run 2 laps.  All entrants need to put in their estimated 5km time so that the race organisers can work out the handicaps.  Don’t be too conservative with your times – base it on a good run in good conditions.

The location is Lake Roto Kohatu at the top end of Sawyers Arms Rd, and there is a bit of a walk (about 1km) from the parking area to the start/finish line.  Allow 15 minutes for this.  The first teams will start at 12:30pm with the handicaps dictating the time the faster teams start.  The actual start time of your team will be published before race day.

When: Saturday 27th July

Where: Lake Roto Kohatu, Sawyers Arms Rd

Remember: No dogs please

Because handicaps need to be worked out entry for this event is required sooner than usual.  All entries must be in by 10:00pm Sunday 14 July.

Senior Teams in Running Order


Start times will be advertised once the handicaps are worked out.