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At lunchtime on Friday, after 11 stages, four days and around 522km of MTBing, kayaking and hiking between Milford Sound and Queenstown, Team One Square Meal (Sia Svendsen, former Sumnerite Ian Edmond, Ross Rotheram and Stu Lynch) arrived at the finish line of the GODZone Adventure Race in second place.

This is a simply stunning result, particularly given the terrain and distance all the teams are required to complete.  Some will still be out on course, on next to no sleep, for the full seven days allowed, whereas Sia’s team made it home around 15 hours after top adventure racer, Nathan Fa’avae’s team, who finished late last evening in just under four days.

For those of us who have been following the race via the live GPS tracking, it’s been a great experience – and far more appealing done from the comfort of home than out on course!

Well done Sia, you’re a wee legend!

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