Otago Orienteering Championships

Some stellar results from our members competing in Central Otago over the weekend:

  • Felix Harrison – 2nd (long course, M12A), 1st (middle course, M12A), 2nd (sprint course, M12)
  • Katie Cory-Wright – 1st (long course, W14A), 1st (middle course, W14A), 1st (sprint course, W14)
  • Ed Cory-Wright – 1st (long course, M16A), 5th (middle course, M21E), 4th (sprint course, M21)
  • William Richardson – 1st (long course, M18A), 1st (middle course, M18A), 1st (sprint course, M20)
  • Sophie Harrison – 1st (long course, W18A), 1st (middle course, W16A), 1st (sprint course, W16)
  • Rebecca Batin – 2nd (long course, W18A), 1st (middle course, W18A), 1st (sprint course, W18)
  • Tane Cambridge – 1st (long course, M21E), 2nd (middle course, M21E), 1st (sprint course, M21)
  • Carsten Joergensen – 2nd (long course, M21E), 3rd (middle course, M21E), 2nd (sprint course, M21)
  • Alistair Richardson – 3rd (long course M21E), 4th (middle course, M21E)
  • Jean Cory-Wright – 2nd (long course, W40A), 3rd (middle W40A), 3rd (sprint course, W40)
  • Jan Harrison – 4th (long course, W40A), 1st (middle course, W40A), 2nd (sprint course, W40)
  • Vivien Bloor – 1st (long course, W50A), 2nd (middle course, W50A), 1st (sprint course, W50)
  • George Richardson – 9th (long course M50A), 10th (middle course, M50A), 6th (sprint course, M50)

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Arrowsmith Marathon

A great effort by Hugh Abbiss on Sunday, who placed 2nd overall (3:36.20) in the Arrowsmith marathon event.

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Southern Lakes 10km

Russ Taylor continued his winning streak over the 10km distance by clocking 38.27 in Wanaka at the weekend (1st VM 50+).  This gave Russ a 4th placing overall.

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Hagley Relays

Don’t forget to register in time for the upcoming Hagley Relays, as you need to be signed-up and ready to go before race day!

South Island Secondary Schools Athletics Championships

Congratulations to our older juniors who travelled to Nelson last weekend to compete in the South Island Secondary School Championships, particularly Kerri, Ryan and Sarah who placed in their respective events.

  • Kerri Batin – 2nd Girls 2000m Walk Open (13:21.67)
  • Ryan Batin – 3rd Boys 3000m Run U19 (9:16.77)
  • Sarah Summerlee – 3rd Girls 800m Run U19 (2:40.71), 5th Girls 1500 Steeples Open (6:00.75)
  • Josh Campbell – 7th Boys 1500m Run U16 (4:21.40)
  • Andie Fitch – 7th Girls 400m Run U15 (66.18), 6th Girls 1500m Run U15 (5:38.71)

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